10 supercars to make their public debut at Top Marques Monaco 2024

top marques monaco

With less than two months to go until the fleet of high-performance and luxury vehicles set to be showcased at Top Marques Monaco pulls up in the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco Life brings you a preview of some of the highlights to be expected at the 2024 event.  

From 5th to 9th June, the Grimaldi Forum will be hosting Top Marques Monaco, an event that has been previously hailed by the New York Times as “the world’s most exclusive auto show”.

A full 10 supercar brands have confirmed that they will be using the prestigious motor event as the official showcase for their latest models, with some of the most-awaited reveals of the year set to take place at this year’s Top Marques. 

Among them are the new Artura Spider, McLaren’s first-ever high-performance hybrid convertible, the next generation Vantage from Aston Martin, a limited edition Bertone GB110, Tedson Motors’ Daydream Targa, and Laffite Automobili’s Laffite LM1, which Bruno Laffite describes as “an extraordinary hypercar, unlike anything else on the market, with 100% racing DNA”. 

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Innovation will be celebrated with the presentation of two new models by Monaco-based Pro Engineering & Design and Treditech – the Zorin le Mans hypercar and Arrera, a “fusion of power and elegance inspired by vintage racing vehicles and with optimised aerodynamics” – as well as a luxury sports limousine powered by nanoFlowcell® and bi-ION® technology.  

The ninth vehicle to get its world premiere at Top Marques Monaco is the ENGLER V12, the “world’s most powerful superquad, which, in its highest state of tune, will boast 1200 HP and 1200 Nm of torque”. It is unlike any other quad to ever be displayed at the show, blending ultra high-performance elements with top luxury credentials. The seats are upholstered with the same leather used for Hermès bags! 

The identity of the 10th and final global debut remains a closely guarded secret – for now…

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Photo credit: McLaren Media Centre