Bold statement by Prince Albert calls for “courageous decisions”

Monaco’s Prince Albert II has released an impassioned statement expressing his disappointment in the lacklustre results of November’s COP27, along with his fear that COP15 will end the same way. 

With COP15 in Montreal drawing to a close, Prince Albert has written an op-ed published in the Spanish press agency EFEverde. In it, he makes strong remarks on the underwhelming results of COP27 on climate, which, amongst other things, made no progress on “the most important purpose in terms of climate protection” – the eradication of fossil fuels.  

“It is very likely that COP15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity will also prove to be a disappointment” he writes.   

The Prince continued by reminding us that the world is facing “an unprecedented crisis, with the prospect of a sixth wave of species extinction” and lamented the fact that, despite this, “humanity continues to be incapable of mobilising around a problem whose extreme seriousness many people do not perceive”.   

The lack of media coverage of COP15 also came as a source of disappointment to Prince Albert, commenting that while COP27 “has made some headlines”, COP15 on biodiversity “unfortunately seems to interest almost no one”, despite the fact that “we know that biodiversity and climate are closely linked and that it is useless to try to preserve one without protecting the other”.  

Whilst the disappointment was clear, his message to the people was one of hope and encouragement in the face of adversity. Following a lack of commitment and urgency from the international community, the Prince urged the world to take action in other forms, such as “relying in particular on the dynamism of the private sector, the mobilisation of civil societies and the intelligence of the scientific community”. 

It was in this manner, through the combined efforts of “NGOs, scientists, economic players, and a few determined States” that “we succeeded in saving several endangered species over the past few years, such as the monk seal, the Mediterranean bluefin tuna and the Amur tiger”, he explains in the statement.  

The Prince strongly emphasised the need “to do whatever it takes, to reach the target fixed by the scientific community: to place 30% of terrestrial and marine areas under protected status by 2030”, arguing that this is “the most effective way of protecting global biodiversity, of combating climate change and of promoting, on a broader level, human development which is no longer synonymous with the irreversible destruction of nature”.  

His heartfelt statement ended with a clear message: for everyone to work together and take action, no matter how small.  

“We can all help to reach these clear goals. Each one of us can take action, at our own level, with our own resources, so that we are able to find a way together of reconciling humanity with nature,” he concludes. “This is the best way to make up for the disappointment ensuing from recent multilateral conferences, to generate positive pressure so that the next editions finally result in the courageous decisions our world so badly needs.” 



Photo source: Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Pictures: Christmas Garden in the Hôtel de Paris

With thousands of sparkling lights, an enchanted forest and a miniature world of chocolate delights, Monaco’s most prestigious hotel invites guests into its Christmas Garden at the heart of Monte-Carlo.

Wander into the courtyard of the famed Hôtel de Paris to discover a forest of green fir trees filled with cheeky elves of all personalities – the dreamer, the mischievous and the prankster.

Indulge in a delicious hot chocolate created by the Alain Ducasse chocolate factory or a glass of champagne before buying some beautiful handmade Christmas decorations or gifts in the glasshouse.

Then dive into the world of sweet delights at the next glasshouse boutique, where Monegasque chefs have prepared beautiful gingerbread houses, cinnamon stars, chocolate trees and festive sweets, unique creations to be enjoyed on the spot or to take away.

The collection has been created by Chef Philippe Joannes, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, with his teams at Monte-Carlo Catering; incredible desserts and chocolates made by chefs Ken Thomas and Cédric Campanella, and pastries made by chef Thomas Subrin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Order on site or by phone at least three days in advance. To see the catalogue, click here.


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FPA2 gives generous support to Red List of Threatened Species

With the latest Red List of Threatened Species showing a dramatic decline to global marine health, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has pledged €600,000 in support to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  

The generous sum, a commitment spread over the next three years, represents a new age of partnership between the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the growing number of animals included on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species. 

The list of threatened species was first created in 1964 and is “the world’s most comprehensive data source” for reporting on biodiversity status. Considered to be “the barometer of life on Earth”, this critical tool is used in decision-making and progress measurement worldwide, and plays a fundamental role in biodiversity conservation. 

On 9th December 2022, the latest updates to the list revealed a dramatic and damaging decline to global marine health.  

With its long-standing commitment to protecting the ocean and marine species, the FPA2 has chosen to make a substantial contribution to the IUCN, as announced on 15th December. The funds will not only support the continuous development of the Red List of Threatened Species itself, but will also go towards specialist studies on marine life including sharks, seahorses, pipefishes and sea dragons, and help provide support to the conservation of these species.  

“By providing sound scientific data, the IUCN Red List acts as a compass guiding conservation action globally,” says SungAh Lee, IUCN Deputy Director General. “We are grateful for the contribution made through this new partnership, which will benefit marine species at a time when life in the oceans is undergoing dramatic declines.” 

Isabelle Berro-Amadeï, both Monaco’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and a representative of the government to the IUCN, adds, “National and international commitments are needed now more than ever. The Monaco government strongly advocates for an interlinkage between science and policies measures. The financial support [given] to the IUCN Red List comes in addition to other cooperative actions already undertaken with IUCN and is aligned with our national and international priorities.” 

Olivier Wenden, the vice president and CEO of the FPA2, says, “The Foundation is proud to support the crucial work undertaken by the IUCN and more specifically the establishment of the Red List of Threatened Species. We are pleased to contribute to improving knowledge on certain marine species that are less studied today due to a lack of funding, but are just as important for the balance of ecosystems. This partnership is fully aligned with our mission to protect biodiversity and contribute to species recovery while supporting science. ” 

There are over 150,000 currently listed on the Red List, which includes more than 42,000 threatened with extinction.   



Photo source: FPA2

Restored Gonfalon des Pénitents Blancs rehung in Monaco chapel

The Gonfalon des Pénitents Blancs, an emblematic work of the Principality’s historical and religious heritage, has just been permanently installed in the Chapelle de la Miséricorde.

The two-metre-high work of art is painted in oil on both sides and is made of crimson damask edged in gold. It offers on one side a Pietà of Saint Nicolas and Saint Dévote and on the other, the birth of the Virgin surrounded by Saint Nicolas and Sainte Dévote.

The first written mention of the gonfalon dates back to 21st November 1640. Presented during a religious event, it had been created in Genoa by an unknown artist at the request of Madame Luisa Trivultia Cagliente, wife of Commander Cagliente, responsible for the Spanish garrison in Monaco until 1641.

Its dual character required the implementation of a specific mobile device allowing visitors to admire both sides of this remarkable piece.

Its restoration took three years to complete and it now hangs in the Chapelle de la Miséricorde in the old town of Monaco.


Photo credit: Michael Alesi/Government Communication Department

Promising signs for Maserati MSG Racing in pre-season testing

Maserati Monaco Sports Group Racing topped the timing sheets at pre-season testing in Valencia with just one month to go until the beginning of Formula E’s Gen3 era in Mexico.

MSG Racing, formerly ROKiT Venturi Racing, finished second in the constructors’ championship last season and will be looking to go one better in the ninth season of Formula E. The curtain-raiser in Mexico City will herald a new era for the sport, with the introduction of the new, faster, and more efficient Gen3 car, which was revealed in Monaco earlier this year.

Edoardo Mortara, who narrowly missed out on the drivers’ championship last year, and his new teammate, Maximilian Günther, completed a combined 597 laps in the new car, amassing over 2000km at a four-day event in Spain.

It was Günther who impressed most, topping the timing sheets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Mortara’s best finish was on Wednesday, when he finished fourth. The signs are therefore overwhelmingly positive for the team, with the season fast approaching.

MSG Racing team principal James Rossiter reflected on the team’s testing, saying, “At this stage, our findings are very positive, and we’ve already learned a great deal about Gen3 Formula E and our technical package. This week, we’ve seen such great potential from Maserati MSG Racing team and both our drivers, and I’m very excited to see how we line up in Mexico City.”


Photo by Maserati MSG Racing

Hugo Micallef remains unbeaten after fifth professional victory

Hugo Micallef – “The Fresh Prince of Monaco” – remains undefeated in professional boxing after beating Lesther Lara in Nantes to register a fifth victory for the welterweight boxer. 

The Monégasque boxer beat the more experienced Nicaraguan by unanimous decision after six rounds in the Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire in Nantes on Saturday night, adding to his four other professional victories against Ezequiel Gregores, Gonzalo Omar Manriquez, Mauro Loli and Illias Kallouch.

Micallef responded well after a late change to the bout. The Monegasque, on the books at Top Rank, was initially meant to fight Mexican boxer Jose Angel Rosales Romero, but for a late change just days before the fight.

In the search for a sixth-consecutive professional victory, Micallef is expected to fight again early in 2023, although no date has yet been lined up.


Photo from Hugo Micallef’s Instagram