First ever European Sushi Championship to be hosted by The Niwaki in Monaco

European Sushi Championship

10 of Europe’s finest sushi masters will go knife-to-knife at the inaugural European Sushi Championship in March, a competition set to be hosted by Monaco’s own The Niwaki.

Top tier sushi chefs from all across the continent – Lyfoung Vameng will represent Monaco – are coming together to compete for the title of European Master Sushi Chef in an event that will take Japanese haute cuisine to its limits on 27th March. 

“Sushi is an art in its own right, well-recognised in France, a country of gastronomy par excellence,” says Julien Panet, the event’s organiser. “The goal is to elevate this iconic symbol of Japanese gastronomy at European level. We have talented chefs who cultivate the excellence of this specialty, and all are inspired by their own cultures… The level will undoubtedly be very high!” 

The candidates will be competing for a panel of expert jurists including The Niwaki’s own Chef Wagner Spadacio, the vice-World Champion Sushi Chef in 2018 and French Sushi Champion in 2017. 

“In this competition, which offers an original format and leaves room for creativity, participants will be able to express their technique and their own interpretation of the art of sushi,” says Spadacio. “This event brings a whole new dimension to the art of sushi while promoting good practices in the consumption of seafood products.” 

The contestants will be tested on two criteria. The first is an hour-long preparatory exercise, where chefs must prepare the raw materials, presenting all products intended to be used to the jury. The second will be a 60-minute creative test, where the chefs will need to perfectly prepare 40 to 50 pieces of sushi, with nigiri, maki, uramaki, kazari-maki, kazari-sushi, vegetarian sushi and 15 pieces of sashimi all required. Additionally, the competitors will select two six-piece signature dishes, prepared separately, for tasting, with one being a vegetarian option using Koppert Cress microgreen products.  

“The technique will, of course, be analysed with precision. In a gastronomic competition of this rank, it goes without saying that the mastery of gestures and of the product is acquired. We will also give great importance to the chef’s sensitivity and to the visual harmony and flavours offered,” Panet enthuses.  

The winner of day will walk away €1,000 richer and after the event, which kicks off at 1pm, there will be a cocktail reception and awards ceremony to celebrate the day. It’s a “can’t miss” event for sushi lovers and fans of The Niwaki alike. 


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Photo by The Niwaki

Four chances to see the Monte-Carlo Opera’s rendition of Verdi masterpiece La Traviata

la traviata monte-carlo

The Opéra de Monte-Carlo will host four spectacular nights of the renowned opera La Traviata this month.

Marie Duplessis, more commonly referred to as the Lady of the Camellias, was one of 19th century Paris’ most celebrated courtesans. She died tragically young in 1847 at the tender age of 23. Like many in her time, she was a victim of tuberculosis, which at the time had no cure.  

Her popularity and legend lived on however, and this sadly romantic tale was dramatised just five years later by Alexandre Dumas in the novel La Dame aux Camélias, which is known in English as Camille. Only a year later, in 1853, the story had been turned into an opera by Giuseppe Verdi and debuted at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.  

Today, the Monte-Carlo Opera, under the helm of Cecilia Bartoli, is bringing this beloved favourite back to the stage. It will be directed by Bartoli’s predecessor, Jean-Louis Grinda.  

La Traviata will be presented to audiences on 17th, 19th, 21st and 23rd March. 

For more information, please click here.


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Photo by SBM 

Make-up Masterclasses at the Spa Metropole by Givenchy

Learn how to do a smokey eye, change your beauty routine or give yourself the perfect complexion during a masterclass at Spa Metropole by Givenchy with make-up artist Joe Ghannam.

The art of make-up requires mastering certain techniques and choosing the right colours to suit your complexion. Hôtel Metropole Monte-Carlo’s make-up expert Joe Ghannam, creator of Monte-Carlo Make up, will orchestrate a series of 90 minutes sessions in limited groups, sharing his advice and giving you all his secrets.

The public are invited to sign up for one of four classes each day offered on 27th February, 23rd March and 13th April.

At just €50 per person, participants will be given personalised tips and guided through the steps of creating their own look, which they can reproduce at home for any glamorous occassion.

A free Givenchy lipstick will also be offered.

To register, email or call +37793151370

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