Inside the Hôtel de Paris’ Prince Rainier III Diamond Suite

diamond suite prince rainier iii

As the site of many pivotal moments in Prince Rainier III’s life, the “Builder Prince” had a special affinity for the Hôtel de Paris. So it is no surprise that the luxury establishment has honoured the man himself with the Diamond Suite Prince Rainer III. 

The Hôtel de Paris, Monaco’s icon of the Belle Epoque era and one of the most recognised establishments in the world, was the setting for Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace’s wedding reception and their 20th wedding anniversary. It also hosted him for his reign’s 25th anniversary celebrations as well as countless birthdays and private family gatherings.  

Because of these ties, the hotel has made the fitting tribute of creating a suite worthy of the man himself, with plenty of personal touches.  

A portrait of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace, who celebrated their wedding at the Hôtel de Paris. Photo: SBM


Called the Diamond Suite Prince Rainer III, it is a gorgeously appointed suite of rooms with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a five-star hotel’s five-star room. It covers an incredible 830m2 and boasts two bedrooms, a two-level terrace and a separate sitting room with its own bar. Tastefully done with comfortable furnishings, top grade finishings, valet service and a soothing palette, it could easily have stopped there and been extraordinary, but the hotel took it one step beyond.  

It is the personal touches in the suite that make it a one-of-a-kind experience. The room features items that once belonged to the Prince, including paintings, photos and sculptures. But the pièce de résistance are the lights created from original drawings and models made by Rainier’s own hands, making it a truly unique space. 

The suite is lavishly decorated with lights designed by Prince Rainier III himself as well as photographs, paintings and sculptures he owned. Photo: SBM
The suite is lavishly decorated with lights designed by Prince Rainier III himself as well as photographs, paintings and sculptures he owned. Photo: SBM


This rooftop villa, as it is known, is magnificent. Set up to capture the best of the Côte d’Azur’s legendary natural light, a treat awaits just beyond the large glass doors that open onto the terrace. Extraordinary views onto Casino Square and the sea, as well as over Italy and France, are simply breath-taking in their scope. 

In addition, the terrace itself is something to behold, with a stunning infinity pool, sun loungers, an outdoor dining table and a sitting area to enjoy a sundowner or a book.  

The suite boasts unique views over the Principality and the Mediterranean below. Photo: SBM


As this is the kind of place guests want to enjoy to the fullest, the Hôtel de Paris makes it easy to entertain “at home”. The establishment offers the option of private dinners created by none other than Michelin-starred Chef Alain Ducasse and served on the terrace or indoor dining room, with the added bonus of access to the wine cellar, the largest of any hotel in the world.  

Amenities like these do have a price tag, though, and a one-night stay will run at €45,000. But for a once-in-a-lifetime treat, the Diamond Suite Prince Rainer III can’t be beat.  

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Photos by SBM 

Monaco Economic Board explores new Blue Economy-led collaborations with Mauritius

meb mauritius

A common interest in building the Blue Economy led discussions at a recent meeting between the Monaco Economic Board and a delegation from Mauritius. 

Mauritius, a small island nation about 2,000 kilometres off the coast of Africa, is notable for its beauty as a tourist destination, but it is also becoming known for embracing the Blue Economy.  

This feature, amongst others, was of great interest to the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) who met on 21st March with representatives from the Mauritian Economic Development Board. The meeting was also made in partnership with the Republic of Mauritius’s Embassy in France.  

The two sides had much to learn from each other, with the Mauritians, for their part, getting to know the Monegasque business ecosystem, and the Monegasques discovering the potential of Mauritius.  


The island’s economy has traditionally leaned on agriculture, exports and tourism, but since the 1980s, the government has worked to diversify beyond its dependence on these limited industries. Today, Mauritius is looking to the sea to build another pillar in its economic foundation.  

The country’s Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping aims to expand the sector, doubling the current blue GDP to 20% in the coming years, whilst promoting environmentalism.  

Its stable government has allowed Mauritius to expand into not just blue economic endeavours, which are being handled with sustainability in mind, but also into sectors such as finance, real estate, industry, and new technologies. It is classed as a “high income” country by the World Bank, the highest ranking.  


The day was punctuated by informal meetings where those in the know shared their experiences.  

Patrick Lecoy, CEO and founder of EAD, a member entity of the MEB that specialises in support for international business development, spoke of the quality of its Mauritian partners and the many opportunities offered, in particular to its access to conquer new markets in South and East Africa. On the other side, David Martial, a Mauritian entrepreneur, presented about his successful experience of working with Monaco. 

Toward the end of the day, the delegates also met with Michel Gramaglia, Honorary Consul of Mauritius in Monaco, and the leaders of the Club of Monegasque Entrepreneurs in Africa along with Justin Highman, Deputy Director General of the MEB. They used the opportunity to discuss future actions to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries. 



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Photo source: MEB