2023’s Oceano pour Tous competition winners announced

Students from all over the world were tasked with imagining innovative projects to help protect the seas for the Oceano pour Tous competition, and now the winners have been announced.  

Since 2014, Oceano pour Tous has been a catalyst for change via its competition that inspires students to look at the sea as a precious resource to be protected and to come up with projects designed to do just that.  

The event, put on by the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, along with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, French National Education and the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports of Monaco, is more than just awareness-raising… It is a call to action.  

The 2023 edition saw over 600 students participating, and whilst all were excellent entries, there were seven who were heads and shoulders above the rest. 

Local winners 

In the “France and Monaco: Less than 1,100 km from the Museum” category, the Middle School Prize went to 5th, 4th, and 3rd graders from Collège Pierre Puget in Toulon. The Coup de Coeur prize from the Association of Friends of the Oceanographic Museum (AAMOM) went to Nice’s Collège Catherine Ségurane’s 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd year student collaboration. 

Classes from both schools were in attendance at the prize-giving ceremony. 

The “Pilot Class” category was won by a CM1 class from Aubanel School in Fréjus. 

International awards 

For the “France: Greater than 1,100 km from the Museum” category, it was 6th grade students from the Collège Quartier Français Lucet Langenier of La Réunion who nabbed the Middle School Prize, whilst the Coup de Coeur award for this group went to another 6th grade class in the La Réunion’s Chemin Morin College. 

In the “International” category, 5th graders from Istituto Comprensivo Statale 82° C. D. – S.M. D’Acquisto in Naples, Italy, received the Middle School Prize, and the Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ferdinand Russo 6th graders, also from Naples, took home the Coup de Coeur prize. 

Throughout their projects, all of the students participating were supported in their endeavours by an educational team specialised in scientific and cultural mediation, who held virtual workshops on marine themes to help the students along on their journey.  


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Photo credit: Oceanographic Institute of Monaco / Philippe Fitte