“A new typology of living”: Introducing Ulyssia, the 320m residential superyacht

A superyacht, but with a community; a cruiser, but only in that it takes its passengers to luxury destinations around the world; a ship, but unlike any other in existence… The 320-metre Ulyssia presented by Ulyssia Residences AG in Monaco at the end of May is a one-of-a-kind concept and could be set to revolutionise how the world views – as well as experiences, for a fortunate few – life on the high seas.  

At the end of May, Monaco Life was invited to the Mediterranean unveiling of a residential superyacht, Ulyssia, a vessel that will provide its residents “a life without boundaries”. 

Designed by superyacht designer extraordinaire Espen Øeino and due to be built by Meyer Werft, with input from a host of interior designers and engineering greats, this 320-metre vessel is to be a groundbreaking blend of luxury and purpose, offering its residents the opportunity to explore the world aboard a craft part-owned by all onboard.

The construction stage of Ulyssia is due to begin in autumn 2024, with a completion date projected for the end of 2028. Photo credit: Ulyssia Residences AG

The premise is a shared freehold, with owners of the 132 or so onboard residences owning a portion of the vessel relative to the space of their ocean-borne abode.  

There will be penthouses, there will be family duplexes and there will be guest suites for when friends and family step aboard to join long-time residents in the experience. 

Ulyssia will sail the seas in perpetuity, exploring glamourous destinations and remote, far-flung lands to offer those travelling on her a unique voyage of discovery that could last weeks, months or even years.  

“This is a unique experience – travelling the world from your home,” explained Chairman and Founder of Ulyssia Residences AG Frank Binder. “The world comes to you, right at your doorstep. This journey offers more than just sightseeing. We aim to truly understand each destination. We want to connect with the local people and cultures, and to make a positive impact wherever we go.” 

Passengers will be able to step ashore and discover new places or enjoy the near endless list of luxury amenities provided by the vessel.  

From restaurants to sports and wellness suites, a yacht club and a dive club to a fully fitted garage for the private vehicles owned and transported onboard by passengers, a theatre to a two-storey library, a business hub to a centre for children… The project’s Senior Vice-President of Lifestyle and Development, Renato Chizzola, summed up the services by saying, “Anything you imagine, we will offer. It’s a new typology of living.” 

Speaking to Monaco Life at the press event, Espen Øeino, a man considered a master of superyacht design, said, “This is by far the largest project we have been involved with.”

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Alain Gruber, CEO of Ulyssia Residences AG, presented the three central aspects of the concept as being community, crew and culture.  

“First, we are creating an amazing community of residents. These individuals are well-travelled, highly educated and open-minded, seeking a deeper level of exploration,” he said. “Second, we are investing heavily in our crew. We aim to attract the best crew in the world by providing excellent accommodation, welfare and training on board. This ensures low turnover and high loyalty, so residents can enjoy familiar faces, like their favourite bartender or housekeeper. Finally, the third component is our exceptional programming of experiences around the world. For instance, when we visit Japan, we don’t just stay for a day – we stay for a month. This combination of a vibrant community, a dedicated crew and immersive experiences truly sets our concept apart.” 

The yacht is about more than just luxury, with considerable thought going into sustainability practices and philanthropic endeavours.  

The vessel and its backer aims to set new standards with innovative hybrid propulsion systems, advanced hull design and smart energy recovery systems. Ulyssia will also partner with charitable organisations to support marine conservation projects and provide medical services to remote communities. 

Construction on the yacht is scheduled to begin in autumn 2024, with delivery expected by October 2028. 

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All photo credits: Ulyssia Residences AG