A guide to the 2024 public holidays in Monaco

From religious occasions to celebrations of national identity, here’s a guide to all of the public holidays set to take place in Monaco during 2024.

The way in which public holidays – or jours fériés in French – work in Monaco reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring worker welfare across all sectors. These designated rest days ensure that employees are granted time off, with fair compensation provided for those required to work either through equivalent pay or a compensatory day off. Whatsmore, holidays that occur during an employee’s paid leave do not impact their total leave entitlement.

The first bank holiday following New Year’s Day will happen on Easter Monday on Monday 1st April. The holiday prolongs the celebrations of Easter Sunday, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here in Monaco, families often gather for a special lunch and participate in community events, such egg hunts and parades. To read about last Easter’s celebrations in Monaco, click here.

Then comes Labour Day on Wednesday 1st May, a worldwide observance recognising workers’ rights.

Ascension Day, observed on Thursday 9th May, and Corpus Christi, on Thursday 30th May, offer some employers and employees the chance to faire le pont and bridge their day off with the weekend by adding an extra day, while Whit Monday on Monday 20th May will further break up the most generous month on the calendar for public holidays.

During the summer, Assumption Day will be celebrated on Thursday 15th August. This significant day is marked by special church services, often attended by the Princely family, that showcase the cultural and religious traditions of the Principality.

As autumn unfolds, All Saints’ Day on Friday 1st November offers a moment for people to pay tribute to the departed. Additionally, the end of October tends to heralds the return of the funfair in Port Hercule, giving locals another excuse to enjoy some precious time off.

The National Day of Monaco, which will be celebrated on Tuesday 19th November, is a vibrant celebration of Monegasque identity that features fireworks, a Te Deum mass, public concerts, appearances by the Princely family and military parades that highlight the nation’s heritage. To read more about National Day, click here.

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The 2024 calendar also features the Immaculate Conception on Sunday 8th December, a day devoted to honouring the Virgin Mary’s role in Christianity through church services, mass attendance and prayer sessions. As this holiday falls on a weekend, no additional day off will be granted.

Concluding the 2024 public holiday calendar, Christmas Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 25th December, ushering in a festive close to the year before welcoming the arrival of 2025.


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Photo credit: Mairie de Monaco, Facebook