Airport to improve passenger flow

Nice Airport wants to optimise passenger flow by using a new passenger monitoring system, giving an added level of security to travellers as they pass through the facility’s departure lounges.

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport has hired Smart Flows to assist in creating the real-time passenger flow monitoring system to ensure public safety and meet new health regulation standards.

The Smart Flows software, already adopted by airports in Paris, Hong Kong and Geneva, is currently being implemented in the Riviera and the plan is to be fully operational by December 2020.

It works by using pseudonymised Wi-Fi traces to monitor the population density in boarding areas and alert the staff if there are too many people congregating at certain high-traffic spots such as toilets, gates, and shops.

“The Smart Flows Passenger Flow Monitoring solution is a very useful addition to our range of tools and services to further improve the experience of our passengers: a smoother journey, ever shorter waiting times, enhanced health security for our staff in the terminals as well as for our partners, companies or commercial operators, this innovation represents an undeniable asset for best calibrating their actions with regard to the expectations or needs of passengers,” says Franck Goldnadel, Chairman of the Management Board of Airports of the Riviera.

The introduction of the passenger flow monitoring system adds another level to the application of the various health measures already in place at the airport.


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