AS Monaco Rugby to usher in new era with imminent new clubhouse opening

AS Monaco Rugby

AS Monaco Rugby’s 2023/24 season, marked by significant infrastructure developments and remarkable team successes, reflects a period of substantial growth and community engagement for the club. 

Very soon, AS Monaco Rugby will have a brand-new clubhouse complete with a modern rehabilitation room at the Stade Prince Héréditaire Jacques in Beausoleil. Both enhancements promise to significantly improve the training and recovery experiences for the players of a team that is growing steadily in popularity.  

Dubbed the “World Cup effect”, AS Monaco Rugby has witnessed its number of licensees swell by 20% this year and the club now boasts 400 members.  

The team has also participated a range of “extra-curricular” activities in the last 12 months, from the Monaco Water Games to the Rugby Solidaire Challenge, and has proved itself a keen promoter of women’s rugby. These efforts underscore the club’s dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the sport. 

AS Monaco Rubgy
AS Monaco Rugby took part in this year’s thrilling Monaco Water Games in front of the Yacht Club de Monaco. Photo via Facebook

International impact and local dominance  

AS Monaco Rugby’s players have also shone in the international rugby arena as of late, with standout performances in prestigious tournaments like the Dubai Sevens that took place on 3rd December. Augustin Slowik, Loris Lefebvre and Maxime Martin represented the eventual winners of the tournament, the Monaco Impis, while Clément Rodor played with the France military team, and Logan Tosello and Dylan Ouisly formed part of the Nissa Sevens teams, but all helped to raise the Principality club’s profile on the global stage. 

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Back on the home front, AS Monaco Rugby’s First Team also demonstrated its dominance in a match on 3rd December that ended 54-31 against Bièvre Saint Geoirs Rugby Club. The AS Monaco Rugby Youth Team played too, earning themselves a 41-29 win against Bièvre Saint Geoirs’ young side. 

Clubhouse grand opening 

The grand opening of the clubhouse is scheduled for 17th December. Starting at 11.30am with a Christmas celebration for the children of the Rugby School, the day will include a reception with a buffet and culminate in a match between AS Monaco Rugby and Saint Marcellin Sport. 


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Main photo of AS Monaco Rugby from 3rd December via AS Monaco Rugby, Facebook