Babek Kebab: the new fast-casual restaurant in Monaco by Riccardo Giraudi

Monaco’s foodie entrepreneur Riccardo Giraudi has done it again, this time bringing the beloved Greek kebab to Monaco with his new fast-food concept, Babek.

Whether you call it a kebab, or a souvlaki, chances are you are craving one of these international favourites right now.

That’s what restauranteur and entrepreneur Riccardo Giraudi is banking on with the launch of his latest ‘fast-casual’ food concept.

Located on rue Princesse Caroline in Monaco, Babek Kebab features an open kitchen with a traditional tandoor oven to bake the restaurant’s fresh flatbreads. Customers can choose their own garnishes, from spit-roasted veal to crunchy falafels, and all the classic toppings including a signature Babek sauce. There are also some delicious sides which we will let you discoveer for yourself!

“Here, nothing is superfluous – no fresh cheese or aromatic herbs to look pretty. Just taste, freshness, and quality in a playful and quirky atmosphere,” the restaurant’s marketing claims. “Babek is the new hot spot in Monaco that will delight everyone. Meet every day to discover a new culinary genre, and generous and gourmet street food.”

Riccardo Giraudi and his company, Giraudi Group, are behind some of Monaco’s most successful restaurants, including Beefbar, Song Qi, Mozza, and Grubers Monaco, another fast-casual concept.

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Interview: Restaurant guru Riccardo Giraudi


Photo credit: Cedou