Between Earth and Heaven: Mina Papatheodorou Valyraki’s sustainability-focused exhibition at Yellow Korner

Coinciding with International Earth Day, Monaco’s YellowKorner Gallery is set to unveil its latest exhibition, a collection of works by Greek artist Mina Papatheodorou Valyraki, next Monday. Tying in with the theme of nature and sustainability, the artist and the gallery have pledged that a portion of the proceeds of the exhibition will be donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. 

In Between Earth and Heaven, which will be on display at the YellowKorner Gallery on Monaco’s Avenue Henry Dunant from Monday 22nd April until the end of May, Papatheodorou Valyraki portrays the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature through depictions of trees.

Hosted by the Hellenic Community of Monaco, the exhibition also takes place at their new headquarters located at the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation.

A portion of the proceeds gleaned from sales of the artist’s works will go to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Photo courtesy of YellowKorner Monaco

“Throughout history, trees have held a prominent place in art, mythology and culture, symbolising growth, renewal and the cycle of life,” says curator Elya Tsouvelekakis. “In the face of environmental challenges such as deforestation, habitat loss, and pollution, Mina is harnessing her creative talent to raise awareness and inspire action.”

Tsouvelekakis continues, “The viewer steps into a realm where art and the environment intertwine, where every stroke of paint and every splash of colour reflects the majesty and diversity of our planet. As seen through the lens of an artist’s palette, the trees evoke a sense of awe and reverence for these vital natural environments. They stand tall and proud as they continue to grow higher towards the sky in a display of strength and vitality… Through the skillful hands of the artist, trees are transformed into vessels of expression, conveying messages of resilience, harmony and the fragile balance between humanity and the environment.”

A portion of the proceeds generated through sales of Papatheodorou Valyraki’s Between Earth and Heaven pieces will go to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2), which is dedicated to biodiversity conservation projects, climate change mitigation and sustainable development programmes.  

This is not the first time that the Greek artist has supported the FPA2. At a fundraising event in 2019, Papatheodorou Valyraki generously donated an artwork, signed by Prince Albert, as an item for auction. The proceeds of the sale were given to the FPA2. 

Aside from the main exhibition at YellowKorner, the Stelios Foundation headquarters on Quai Antoine 1er and the offices of the FPA2 in the Principality will also be hosting an array of Papatheodorou Valyraki’s works, until 7th and 30th May respectively. Visits to the FPA2 are strictly by appointment only.  

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Photo courtesy of YellowKorner Monaco