Blue Coast Brewing Company to launch new beer honouring the work of The Animal Fund

blue coast the animal fund

The celebrity-backed Blue Coast Brewing Company has announced a new collaboration with The Animal Fund (TAF), an organisation dedicated to marine conservation projects. The partnership will be celebrated with the launch of a new fundraising beer at an event in Nice later this week.  

On Wednesday 26th June, the Blue Coast Brewery on Chemin de Saquier in Nice will be hosting a special launch event for its new TAF beer between 6pm and 9pm.  

The occasion will be open to the public and will feature an array of live entertainment and activities as well as plentiful servings and tastings of the new beverage.   

The TAF was founded by Berit N. Legrand and seeks to raise awareness on the plight of the world’s oceans through educational and informative events and projects. Some of its past initiatives have included a major beach clean-up in Nice, which was attended by more than 300 people, a Whalethon fun run led by Paula Radcliffe and campaigns promoting ocean-friendly sun creams and proper waste management.

To learn more about the TAF and its missions, click here.   

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Photo credit: Blue Coast Brewing Company