Brasserie de Monaco’s La Blanche beer wins top award

The Brasserie de Monaco’s La Blanche beer has won a gold medal at the prestigious Concours International de Lyon, which took place on 22nd and 23rd March.

Over 1,100 international tasters tested and analysed 1,858 samples, including international entrants, during the weekend in Lyon.

The Brasserie de Monaco was awarded a gold medal for its La Blanche beer, one year after obtaining a silver medal for its Blonde beer.

The award recognizes the work of Master Brewer Valentin Kuhn and his team.

La Blanche beer from the Brasserie de Monaco has 4.8% alcohol and has a floral, slightly bitter taste to it. The brew is made with organic barley, wheat and Czech hop malts from sustainable sources and imported from nearby countries. The wheat is Belgian “weissbier – witbier” style and the citrus nuances, which come from the selection of hops, are enhanced by a touch of coriander.

“This gold medal once again demonstrates the quality of our products and the care we take in the development process,” said Gildo Pastor, President of the Brasserie de Monaco. “This is the 7th award in our history and it salutes the work done by my teams and highlights the only brewery in Monaco. We are once again making the Principality shine around the world, and I am particularly happy about it.”

The Brasserie de Monaco on Port Hercule.

The “place to beer”

It’s the Monaco Grand Prix which is now on the Brasserie’s agenda. Like every year at the end of May, “the place to beer” will be the epicenter of the F1 event of the year. Every late afternoon, as soon as the circuit layout is handed over to the Monegasques, Jérémy, Louis, Valentin, Maxence and all the teams deploy their exceptional infrastructures on the asphalt. The “Brasserie bend” then transforms into a dance floor until the early hours, from Thursday to Sunday. This year again, during this crazy week, more than 3,400 litres of blonde beer will come out of the barrels.


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All photos: Brasserie de Monaco