Can I water my garden during the drought?

water garden drought

Monaco Life explains the latest rules and restrictions on watering gardens, potagers and green spaces that are affecting residents in the Principality and the French Riviera. 

Authorities in Monaco recently made the decision to declare and activate a drought plan. Stage Two or the “alerte” level came into force on Saturday 13th May. 

This brings the Principality somewhat into line with much of southern France – and further afield – where water restrictions have been in place since early 2023.  

Alongside new rules on car washing, which is forbidden unless at professional sites with high-pressure equipment and water recycling systems, and boat cleaning, which has been limited to specific time periods, one of the principal targets in Monaco’s restrictions is green spaces.  

Lawns, flower beds and pots 

For areas classed as alert level, which includes Monaco and some parts of the Alpes-Maritimes and Var, watering is only permitted between 8pm and 8am to reduce evaporation. The amount of water used should also be reduced by 20%.  

In the areas that find themselves in an “alerte renforcée” or “crise” classification, watering is banned except for trees and shrubs that have been planted directly in the ground for less than a year and outside of water restrictions. In this case, night-time watering is permitted. 

Vegetable gardens 

Similarly, vegetable gardens and potagers can also only be watered between 8pm and 8am. The difference here is that vegetable plots in the highest “crise” level of water restrictions can continue to be watered at night if they have a drip irrigation system installed.  

Ponds and fountains 

Under Monaco’s new rules, public and private fountains are closed unless they operate “on a closed circuit or using a push button system”. Residents are also banned from filling, topping up or emptying garden ponds unless they important to local wildlife.  

Swimming pools and jacuzzis 

The filling of whirlpools, jacuzzis, paddling pools and public or private swimming pools is now prohibited in Monaco unless “absolutely necessary” or as part of works already underway. Similar rules apply over the border in France.  


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 Photo source: Priscilla du Preez