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Luxury goods market set to contract up to 35% in 2020

Faced with a global collapse driven by lockdowns and the shutdown of tourism in all key markets, the luxury industry faces a challenge like never before.

Telework to continue long after pandemic

The National Council has unanimously voted in a bill making telecommuting obligatory in the Principality for those whose jobs permit it.

ECB ups economic stimulus measures

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced new measures to ease the strain on countries who have seen record economic downturn since the beginning of the health crisis.

Amazon extends warehouse closures

Amazon announced Monday that they would keep distribution centre doors shut until 5th May after a judge in France rejected their appeal restricting deliveries during the Covid epidemic.

Government outlines plan to de-escalate lockdown

Health Minister Didier Gamerdinger has revealed more details of the government’s plan for returning life back to “normal” after confinement, including the availability of cheap masks for...

Government deficit means belt tightening in 2020

The vote by the National Council on Wednesday night to amend the 2020 budget includes the “exceptional and historic” step of implementing a deficit - something not seen in the Principality since...