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France introduces strict wine labelling rules at bars, restaurants

Bars and restaurants in France must now indicate the origin of the wines they offer to consumers, whether by the glass, pichet or bottle. Failure to do so will attract a hefty fine.

Interview: Samy Sass on his new restaurant, The Niwaki

Almost 30 years after the opening of Monaco’s most iconic night venue Sass Café, Samy Sass has embraced his love of Japan to create a new restaurant, The Niwaki, a place that he says was...

Scorching temps set to remain for weeks

If you were thinking this heatwave couldn’t go on for much longer, think again. This is what forecasters are predicting for the rest of August and September.

Paris opens dedicated monkeypox vaccination centre

Monkeypox, a cousin of smallpox, has made headlines recently as the number of confirmed cases swells worldwide. France has 2,171 cases, more than half of which are in Paris.

Covid latest: Omicron wave subsides, research backs new vaccine patch

The latest figures from the government show that Covid circulation is still dropping in Monaco, while researchers have pointed to a potentially more effective vaccine patch.

MonaBike takes its e-bike stations to Beausoleil

MonaBike, the Principality’s electric bicycle success story, has now crossed borders with the installation and planned installation of three new e-bike terminals in Beausoleil.