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What’s new with the health pass from 10th January?

The rules for health passes are changing, again, with new regulations set to come into effect on 10th January that impact several areas.

84 students test positive in new self-test initiative

Covid continues to dominate as Monaco sees a record high incidence rate amidst a mass testing programme in schools and workplaces to try to slow the march of the virus as people return from the...

France cuts self-isolation period for the fully vaxed

Fully vaccinated people who test positive for Covid in France will now only be required to isolate for seven days rather than 10 in an effort prevent another halt to the economy.

Local entrepreneur offers natural alternative to botox

Former Bolshoi ballerina Natalia Mamciur is offering a unique way to maintain a youthful appearance, without the use of needles or surgery, through her Lifting Gym programme.

Monaco boosts testing capacity at schools and workplaces

As part of renewed efforts to limit the spread of Covid in Monaco, every student will be given a free self-test at school on Monday, while employers will also be able to purchase cheap tests for...

New rules for electric scooter users in Monaco

As electric scooters gain in popularity throughout the Principality, the government will from late January enforce a new law requiring the wearing of helmets for all ages.