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The return of El Niño: what will the impact be on Monaco and France?

The La Niña weather phenomenon, which intensified droughts and floods in several regions of the world, is finally over. But the one that is likely to follow, El Niño, will bring with it a whole new...

fontvieille game

Captain’Game: the orienteering course around the Fontvieille port

Did you know that only 50 years ago, Fontvieille was a narrow strip of land where the cliffs of the Rocher met the sea? Discover the biodiversity and history of the area with this fun family...

Les Casinos de Monaco backs Oceanographic Institute in new partnership

SBM’s The Sea is Green initiative is paying off dividends, with €41,000 already at its casinos going towards Monaco’s Oceanographic Institute.

European Citizen’s Initiative forces EU action against declining bee populations

A European Citizen’s Initiative has collected a million signatures, triggering the European Commission to take further action toward saving bee and butterfly populations.

France on track as greenhouse gas emissions fall by 2.5% in 2022

Greenhouse gas emissions fell by around 10 million tonnes in France last year thanks to a mild winter and rising energy costs. Now experts hope the country can keep up the trend.

un water conference monaco

700 commitments, but no formal agreements made at UN Water Conference

The first UN Water Conference in a generation concluded with the adoption of the Water Action Agenda, aimed at protecting this essential resource, but those gathered stopped short of establishing a...