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Écoletopie: redefining education through a unique learning experience

In an exciting development in the Principality of Monaco, the New National Museum of Monaco is introducing an innovative educational experiment called ‘Écoletopie’.

All about the ‘Info-Tri’ campaign on how to sort waste correctly

Is it household waste? Can it go in the yellow bin or should it go to the déchèterie? The rules on sorting waste can be very confusing, but France is seeking to simplify the situation with its...

natural capital

‘Natural Capital’ the focus of upcoming sustainable finance event at the YCM

A panel of experts from the worlds of economics and academia will discuss "natural capital”, with a particular focus on environmental and environmentally-friendly financial issues, at a...

domaine d'agerbol

SBM steps in to help drought-stricken Domaine d’Agerbol farm in Roquebrune Cap Martin 

For over a decade, the Domaine d’Agerbol has been growing the organic fruit and vegetables that fill the menus of Monaco’s most celebrated restaurants, but the ongoing drought is threatening its...

eu 2030

EU on track to surpass 2030 climate goals 

The European Union is on track to exceed its ‘Fit for 55’ goals of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by more than half by the end of the decade.  


Monaco to host LIA-ROPSE scientific conference for the first time 

After three successive meetings on French soil, now it is the turn of Monaco to host a conference for the great minds of the Centre Scientifique de Monaco and the Université Côte d’Azur, who have...