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Écophyto 2030: France aims to reduce pesticide use by 50% before the end of the decade

Under the new Écophyto 2030 action plan, the French government will be investing €250 million in 2024 alone into the search for alternatives to traditional pesticides.

Greenwashing: EU cracks down on airlines’ misleading policies

20 airlines stand accused of greenwashing. They have been given 30 days to bring their practices into line with current EU consumer law or verify their eco-friendly claims.

Monaco revives free ashtray campaign to reduce cigarette butt pollution

Previously a summer-only scheme, Monaco is relaunching its free portable ashtray initiative in a bid to eliminate cigarette butt pollution from its streets and beaches.

Monaco Explorations prepares for Greek Odyssey mission 

After the success of its Indian Ocean Mission in 2022, Monaco Explorations has pivoted its focus to a place much closer to home: the Mediterranean Sea. 

world expo monaco

The wonder of nature: Monaco unveils its plans for 2025 World Expo in Osaka

Monaco's chosen theme for the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, which will be played out across three distinct and immersive spaces, is 'Take Care of Wonder'.

Prince Albert and Med Donors’ Roundtable announce €57 million pledge to protect the Mediterranean Sea 

Monaco's Prince Albert has called on donors from the private and public sectors to increase their efforts to raise funds for the 30x30 project, which seeks to attain protected status for at least 30%...