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oceano pour tous

Oceanographic Institute travels to La Réunion to reward local Oceano Pour Tous winners

Schoolchildren from La Réunion who won awards in the Oceano Pour Tous 2023 competition have been congratulated in person after representatives from the Oceanographic Institute travelled to the...

monaco energy tunnel

All lighting in tunnels under the Rock to become energy-efficient

Monaco is taking another step towards energy efficiency with a programme to replace all of the lighting in the tunnels under the Rock with LED bulbs, which will result in up to 90% energy savings.  

Boris Herrmann’s message to young people on climate change: “Be curious and drive innovation”

“My message to young people is this: I invite you to be very curious, to question the status quo and also the social norms. The way we’re doing things today is not right regarding climate...

Plum Foundation donates massive $100,000 cheque to Monaco’s “Noah’s Ark” for coral

The US-based Plum philanthropic foundation, a champion of rewilding and restorative projects around the world, has donated $100,000 to the World Coral Conservatory being spearheaded by Monaco...

Photos: 30 successful years of vulture reintroduction in the Mercantour

Three decades after the creation of a reintroduction programme in the Mercantour for the European bearded vulture, an extremely endangered bird, Prince Albert visited the site to see the success...