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green industry

France seeks to boost its green industry with new C3IV tax credit system

20 applications to the C3IV system have already been made, says the government, for a total investment amount of €1.8 billion. 

plato vip lounge

Introducing Plato, the new robotic helper at Nice Airport’s Infinity VIP Lounge

Among the tasks the robot can perform are serving drinks, carrying trays of food and taking used dishes, glasses and silverware back to the kitchens.

Instant digital ID verification: France Identité app offers on-the-spot proof of identity

The newly launched France Identité app now allows users to create a digital and legally valid proof of identity at the click of a button.

mews 2024

MEWS 2024: Tech titans Mark Zuckerberg and Samara Cohen among the award nominees

Touted as the "Oscars for Web3", the 2024 MEWS Awards will celebrate outstanding talents from the worlds of the metaverse, virtual reality, tech, AI, content creation and entertainment. 

TrustConsult puts data protection in the spotlight at Monaco event

The personal data protection conference organised by the TrustConsult Group earlier this month answered some very real questions on how personal data is being circulated in the wider world, how it is...

The rise of AI in coaching: a new frontier for personal and professional development

Can software really replicate the highly-personalised approach sought by disciples of the coaching industry?