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yacht club electric charging

Yacht Club de Monaco installs two super-fast marine e-charging stations

With the new additions of two Aqua 200 HPC electric charging stations on the pontoon in front of the Yacht Club de Monaco, the Principality has become home to the largest installation of public fast...

Map the Gaps: How ‘citizen science’ and new mapping tech could revolutionise what we know of the seafloor

With only a quarter of the seafloor mapped, the 'Map the Gaps' event at Monaco's Musée Océanographique later this month will be considering the role of 'citizen scientists' and the next generation...

maison du numerique

What is ‘Immersive Week’ at Monaco’s Maison du Numérique all about?

From sessions on artificial intelligence to experiencing the metaverse and realms of virtual reality firsthand, the very first 'Immersive Week' organised by the Maison du Numérique promises an...

france electric charging

France to invest a further €200m in electric vehicle charging stations

An additional €200 million has been allocated to the expansion of France’s network of electrical vehicle charging stations, adding to the €320 million already spent on building nearly 140,000...

The future of AI: G7 leaders agree on international guiding principles and code of conduct

The EU has welcomed a decision by G7 leaders to agree on International Guiding Principles and a voluntary Code of Conduct for AI developers.