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mata chatbot dr hala jenoudet

Monaco doctor launches innovative Mata AI chatbot for radiologists

Doctor Hala Jenoudet has been working on the innovative Mata AI chatbot that could be set to revolutionise the world of medical imaging and patient care.

monaco fbi

Monaco’s Police Department signs reciprocal agreement with the FBI

Domestic law enforcement agencies in the Principality and the United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will enhance intelligence cooperation and informational exchanges between...

monaco travelator

New travelators coming soon to the Gare de Monaco

Over the next 10 months, the six dated travelators in the Galerie Prince Pierre, which were installed back in 2000, will be ripped out and replaced with new and improved versions.

emperor penguin

CSM joins team of scientists tracking threatened Antarctic emperor penguins

The group has established a new method of tracking the health of emperor penguin colonies that combines satellite imagery, phenological data and behavioural models.  

Paediatric cancer: CSM reports encouraging results following clinical trials 

The findings of a two-year clinical trial of a new type of treatment for children and young adults suffering from brain cancer, which was developed by the Centre Scientifique de Monaco, have been...

Oval chainrings used by Wiggins and Froome among innovations to be showcased at Le Sport & La Tech

Six French companies, including the Nice-based Osymetric brand that is behind the oval chainrings design, will be presenting their ideas at the Le Sport & La Tech event in Monaco later this month.