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CSM’s childhood brain cancer research set to get a huge boost

Thanks to a significant donation by the Société des Bains de Mer European Games Syndicate, the Scientific Centre of Monaco will be able to purchase the nano technology it needs to speed up its...

Documenting the Med: New sea life monitoring system deployed in Monaco waters

A network of remotely controlled underwater camera and video systems, designed to document marine flora and fauna, have been sent out from Monaco to measure the health of its coast.

The Carte Vitale is going digital

After being tested in select regions over the past two years, France’s heath card, the Carte Vitale, will soon be changing to an online format. Here’s what you need to know.  

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SNCF to phase out paper tickets

Digitalisation is the mot du jour at the moment, and even France’s national rail service, the SNCF, is getting on board, with a plan to retire a vast number of their ubiquitous yellow ticketing...

An end to daily post in France?

As use of the national postal service falls, La Poste has embarked on an experimental new system that will reduce the rounds posties make in select areas. Is your town among them?  

Proxy voting made easier in Monaco

Following on from the 2020 amendments to laws on national and municipal elections, Monaco voters unable to get to polling stations can now make a simple online request for a proxy.