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Students, businesses to benefit from new initiative

A new website has been launched in the Principality connecting employers and students for work-study positions.

What the next 20 years with Monaco Telecom looks like

Monaco Telecom's telecommunications concession has been renewed for another 20 years in a show of trust that the company will continue to deliver top-notch service.

Digital access to transport services now possible

Getting around Monaco is about to get whole a lot easier with the launch of Monapass, an all-in-one mobility app.

‘Celebrating DeFi and NFTs’

Blockchain, DeFi and NFT startups looking to raise funds will meet with a select group of qualified investors at this year’s annual Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai in June.

Government is revamping legal website

Légimonaco, the public interface for government policy and reference for national laws, is being redesigned for the first time since its inception in 2008.

Public sector ditches paper payslips

The government is hoping private businesses will follow its lead and introduce new digital payslips, a move which will cut a half a tonne of paper usage each year by the State alone.