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france electric charging

France to invest a further €200m in electric vehicle charging stations

An additional €200 million has been allocated to the expansion of France’s network of electrical vehicle charging stations, adding to the €320 million already spent on building nearly 140,000...

The future of AI: G7 leaders agree on international guiding principles and code of conduct

The EU has welcomed a decision by G7 leaders to agree on International Guiding Principles and a voluntary Code of Conduct for AI developers.

The Ocean Cleanup

Video: Incredible footage released by The Ocean Cleanup project

After removing more than 275 tonnes of plastic and waste from the Pacific Ocean since 2021, The Ocean Cleanup is now launching a system that can clear waste from an area the size of a football field...

Elevate space conference gives us a glimpse into the future of space sustainability and exploration.

These talks paint a captivating picture of what lies beyond Earth's atmosphere and the shared destiny of space and humanity.  

global virus network monaco

Global Virus Network invites the finest virology minds to Monaco for annual meeting 

Scientists from around the world will be heading to Monaco next month for a major international meeting of the Global Virus Network that will table topics from ‘Harnessing AI to Transform Pandemic...

Monaco’s digital defence evolution: unveiling the new Sovereign SOC

At Les Assises, the renowned cybersecurity event at the Grimaldi Forum, a revolutionary development was revealed that will reshape the Principality's digital defences.