Contemporary Italian artists at the Adriano Ribolzi Gallery

The public has only a few more weeks to discover an exceptional exhibition of four contemporary Italian artists currently on show at the Adriano Ribolzi Gallery in Monaco.

Galerie Adriano Ribolzi was inaugurated in 1974 at Avenue des Beaux-Arts and specialised in French and continental furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as various paintings, sculptures and objets d’art.

In 1998, the gallery moved to Avenue de l’Hermitage and was inaugurated in the presence of Prince Rainier III and Albert of Monaco. Since 2010, the gallery has been organising temporary exhibitions, including a dedicated summer exhibition, such as the Andy Warhol exhibition in 2013.

This year, the Adriano Ribolzi Gallery is showcasing the works of four Italian artists: Mario Schifano, Sergio Fermariello, Pablo Atchugarry and Fabio Viale.

Mario Schifano (1934 to 1998) was a close friend of Andy Warhol and is best known for his Postmodern collages combining advertising imagery, wrapping paper and painted elements. His work often referred to popular culture or art history featuring well known brand logos or kitsch recurring motifs in the vein of Pop-Art. Constantly adapting to contemporary culture, Schifano worked in numerous media, shifting between film, music or photography, often employing more than one at a time. He is considered to be one of the most significant and pre-eminent artists of Italian postmodernism and the gallery will feature around 30 of his works for viewing and purchase.

Pablo Atchugarry, In the Way of Harmony

Pablo Atchugarry, born in 1954, is a contemporary sculptor known for his marble works which resemble the monoliths of early civilizations. Considered a major contemporary sculptor, his works are included in many high collections, both private and public, and he has held more than one hundred solo and collective exhibitions worldwide.

The collection by Sergio Fermariello, born in 1961, reveals his obsessive repetition of the warrior figure.

Sergio Fermariello

While the youngest of the four, 44-year-old Fabio Viale, applies a unique approach to the art of traditional sculpture, looking at the old and familiar in new ways. With a remarkable technical mastery of marble, the artist creates accurate and intricate replicas of everyday objects and life-size Venuses or Madonnas, with the texture and appearance of Styrofoam, paper, rubber or tattooed skin.

The artists’ works will be on show at the Adriano Ribolzi Gallery until 31st August.

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