EU and Moderna strike new deal over Covid vaccine

The European Commission and vaccine manufacturer Moderna have reached an agreement that will ensure EU nations will have access to Covid vaccines, including approved variant-adapted versions, for the late summer and winter periods.

As the Omicron wave of the pandemic wanes in Monaco, governments are already looking ahead to the autumn and winter months in search of stable and reliable vaccine sources to make sure their populations, as well as those of their global partners, are well covered in case of another resurgence.

Through a deal struck this week between the European Commission and Moderna, the maker of the Spikevax jab, EU countries will be sure to have enough doses to cover those who need and want them.

The agreement alters the original contractual delivery schedules, holding off on delivering vaccines in summer for the autumn and winter periods when it is more likely a need will arise.

The deal also stipulates that Member States can choose variant-adapted versions that have been authorised by the EU if requested. The terms state that an additional 15 million doses of the Omicron-carrying jab be available if approved.

“Increasing Covid-19 vaccination and booster rates will be crucial as we plan ahead for the autumn and winter months,” said Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides. “To best ensure our common preparedness, Member States must have the necessary tools. This includes vaccines adapted to variants, as and when they are authorised by the European Medicines Agency. This agreement will ensure that Member States will have access to the vaccine doses they need at the right time to protect our citizens.”

The European Union has been a big investor in developing Covid vaccines since 2020 when the pandemic was at its apex. Today, the EU has exported more than 2.4 billion doses to 168 countries. Member States have shared 478 million through the COVAX programme, giving developing nations a chance to inoculate their populations.




Photo source: Shutterstock