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Green Shift Festival

A brand new eco event is coming to Monaco this June. Here’s what you need to know about the Prince Albert II Foundation’s Green Shift Festival.  

Between 7th and 10th June, a series of free and public roundtables, conferences and discussions, as well as creative performances, will be taking place on the Promenade du Larvotto in Monaco.  

Called the Green Shift Festival, the four days of events have been organised under the aegis of the Prince Albert II Foundation, but also have the backing of the Principality’s Direction des Affaires Culturelles, Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco, Fondation Carmignac, Imagine 2050, Time for the Ocean, Agir pour le Vivant and the Académie Monégasque de la Mer. 

Each evening, between 7pm and 8.30pm, and out in the fresh sea air, important green and environmental topics that range from the philosophical to the generational will be presented through short films, performances and open discussions in the presence of experts.  


“The starting point of the Green Shift Festival is a reflection that seems to me to be shared at all levels: how can we trigger a real change in the way we see and think about the world?” says Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. “Science is fundamental in responding to environmental challenges but, beyond the circles of experts, scientific messages do not always lead to the necessary shift to action.” 

It is hoped that the informal, free and entirely open-to-the-public nature of the festival will encourage people of all ages and walks to life to participate and engage in the ideas being presented, which offer opportunities for reflection in the short-term and positive activism in the long.  

“ n order to project ourselves into a desirable future, emotion, creation and art are powerful tools for generating commitment,” adds Wenden. “This approach is at the heart of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s mediation and awareness-raising missions.” 

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