EVER Monaco puts environment front and centre

EVER Monaco, the three-day event that focuses on creating positive environmental impact in the energy and vehicle sectors, is celebrating its 17th edition this month and will feature 60 exhibitors and 30 start-ups all in one convenient location.

Since its inception in 2006, EVER Monaco has been a vector of exhibition and exchange around two key themes: sustainable mobility and renewable energies.

The event features vehicles in all their forms, whether they be two or four-wheeled, and also looks at collective and industrial transport for the future. Then there are the talks involving energy companies who have environmental bents and are up-and-coming players in creating a sustainable habitat for all. Though different sectors entirely, all the companies that participate have a single-minded goal, and that is in the development of a carbon-free future.

“Since His accession, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco has committed the Principality to a resolute approach in the field of clean mobility. A theme included in a more global policy in favour of sustainable development intended to make the territory carbon neutral by the middle of the century,” says the President of EVER Monaco Bernard Fautrier. “In the field of mobility, the subsidy mechanisms put in place for individuals and professionals, the partnerships entered into with manufacturers, and the proactive approach undertaken by administrations and public service companies have led to Monaco being made a pioneering territory for electro-mobility.”

Held at the Espace Fontvieille and the Big Top, a venue of more than 9,000m2, the space will be the temporary home of car manufacturers, manufacturers of two wheeled vehicles, energy companies and players in sustainable mobility and housing.

With a Ride and Drive space larger than ever and nearly 50 vehicles available, visitors to EVER Monaco will be able to discover and test drive the latest electric cars on the market for free.

Kia will introduce their new Sportage plug-in hybrid as well as the Niro, which has not yet hit the assembly lines.

SAMGF Monaco will present the new Mercedes GLB, the brand’s first seven-seater electric SUV, while the Segond Automobiles group will be present with several brands, including Audi, Fiat, Jeep, Porsche and Suzuki, which is currently launching its new Vitara auto-rechargeable hybrid.

Another great novelty is the presence of Volvo Trucks France, main partner of the event, which will allow you to discover the future of road transport with the exhibition of two electric trucks. Tests will also be carried out by demo drivers from the Swedish manufacturer.


Ever Monaco 2020 and the unveiling of an electric Sunbeam Alpine


Photo source: EVER Monaco