Exciting plans get underway for this year’s They Are The Champions charity event

The 2024 edition of They Are The Champions, a charity event that aims to create special memories for sick and disadvantaged children, is still many months away, but its organisers are already making some very exciting plans. Here’s what we know so far. 

A date has been announced for the fourth edition of the charity occasion, which all began in 2021 when Philippe Demanet and Thierry Revel decided to raise money and awareness for the local Les Enfants de Frankie association through their participation in the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo.   

Later that year, they decided to hold a very special day of activities with a motorsports theme, which has grown into a popular annual event. 

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This year’s event is being planned for 30th October and Monaco Life is joining a roster of high-profile names and social media stars in supporting the event. From YouTube car enthusiast Seb Delanney and rally pilot Raul ‘Le Professeur’ Marchisio to Lila Speech, one of the few female influencers in the automotive world, and Franck Galiègue from Movie Cars Central, a collector who has amassed over 40 cars from the movies, participation is set to be the best and biggest yet. 

Galiègue is to add a bit of cinema to They Are The Champions 2024 by offering to bring along a stunning replica of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman. Meanwhile, Cédric Boutsen of Boutsen Classic Cars, rally driver François Delecou and Neoyot’s Antony Brisac have also expressed an interest in taking part in the event.  

This year, Be Safe Monaco will be an important feature of the occasion alongside Les Enfants de Frankie. 

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Anyone else interested in supporting They Are The Champions can contact the team via black.sirius.uae@gmail.com or on Instagram at @black.sirius.uae.  


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