Les Enfants de Frankie celebrates 25 years of hope and dreams

Since 1997, Les Enfants de Frankie has been brightening the lives of sick and underprivileged children in Monaco and the south of France. Monaco Life sat down with the association’s founder, Francien Giraudi, ahead of its landmark 25th anniversary to find out more about this wonderful cause.  

Francien Giraudi’s journey began with a simple yet powerful intention: to help children in need.  

“I wanted to help kids,” is how she simply puts it, but Les Enfants de Frankie has achieved far more than just that. 

Over the years, her dedication has grown into a thriving association that has impacted the lives of more than 150,000 children and inspired many others to join in with her philanthropic missions.  

Silver jubilee 

In honor of its silver jubilee, Les Enfants de Frankie has just hosted a full weekend of celebrations, from the spectacular circus-themed gala featuring 65 performers at the Opéra Garnier on 10th November, complete with Beatles auction led by Alex Jaffray, to a special version for children the next night and a Christmas party for more than 1,000 young locals on 12th November.  

A legacy of dreams 

Ahead of the big three days – and nights – of parties, Monaco Life caught up with Francien, the heart and soul of the association, and she shared a glimpse into a journey that has been more than two and a half decades in the making. 

She speaks candidly about the challenges and triumphs she has faced, such as the major achievement that was Mission Rêve, a massive undertaking that realised 56 “once in a lifetime experiences” for children battling serious illnesses in just one year. 

It was, according to Francien, “The most beautiful thing I have done.” 

After moving to the Principality of Monaco with her husband, Francien was driven to create her association after noting the difficult conditions experienced by children living in the outskirts of Nice.  

She embarked on a six-year quest to gain United Nations accreditation, which she achieved, and has been more recently rewarded with the accolades of Knight of the Order of Grimaldi and Goodwill Ambassador for the Monaco Ambassadors Club.  

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She recalls the honours with humility. 

“It was surprising… I didn’t expect it,” adding that the recognitions only spurred her to “do even more”.  

“I always like to do something new, to expand the association”, she says, with words that reflect Giraudi’s unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. Les Enfants de Frankie has continually evolved to better serve its mission. 

Red Nose Day

The next big event in the calendar for Francien and Les Enfants de Frankie is Red Nose Day on 6th December. The old red noses have now been replaced with reusable shopping bags, which are already on sale at a variety of locations across the Principality. They cost a token €2.50 each and all proceeds will go towards supporting the efforts of Les Enfants de Frankie.

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Looking to the future 

Looking ahead, she is adamant that the charity’s work must continue; her mission in life since moving to the Principality with her husband and children has been to create a better world for the children who deserve it most.   

“It must go on forever,” she says of the association, encapsulating her enduring commitment to “making miracles happen”.  

To those who seek to emulate her philanthropic spirit, she offers a simple yet powerful message: “Follow your dreams, it’s the only way.”  

It is clear that she has found a deep sense of purpose in founding Les Enfants de Frankie, concluding, “Everyone is born for something, I was born for Frankie”.  


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Photo by Monaco Life