FANB students can now access free organic period products

SheCanHeCan is continuing its campaign of breaking taboos around periods with the installation of free distributors at FANB, ahead of a larger roll-out throughout the Principality.

‘Monarègles’ was launched by Monegasque association SheCanHeCan to challenge misconceptions around periods and encourage all companies, institutions and schools to provide free organic period products to their teams and students.

With the support of the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights, SheCanHeCan recently installed four distributors of period products at the Collège and Lycée FANB in Monaco. The distributors contain tampons and pads, available for free for all students.

“This is only a step towards the installation of such distributors across all schools in Monaco – and soon all companies too,” said Vibeke Thomsen, Founder and Co-Director of SheCanHeCan.

The period product distributors will be rolled out at other schools in the Principality. Photo credit: Anette Cook Photography 

Posters explaining the initiative to students and staff members are displayed within the school.

Christine Lanzerini, Director of FANB, said that she is “delighted by the initiative as it meets the wishes expressed by students during a meeting between the school and student delegates”. Lanzerini also thanked the association SheCanHeCan for the initiative and said that parents have also reacted positively to the campaign.

Breaking taboos around periods

In 2022, SheCanHeCan distributed its First Period Kits to all the girls in 5e, which included a pouch, 14 pads, and a guide titled ‘Everything about your first period’. It was designed by SheCanHeCan to inform young menstruators and contribute to ending taboos around periods by educating both boys and girls via workshops in the school.

‘Monarègles’ has two central goals: provide organic period products to girls, which is better for their health and the environment, while informing them about the options available to them in terms of period products and menstrual health, and encourage a more open conversation about periods so girls better understand their bodies and changes during the cycle.

The International School of Monaco (ISM) has already committed to install the distributors on its new campus, and other schools including Lycée Albert 1er and Lycée Rainier III are also interested in adopting ‘Monarègles’.

Meanwhile, several companies, including the CHPG, SBM Offshore and the Hôtel Columbus have already adopted ‘Monarègles’.

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Main photo: Vibeke Thomsen, Founder and Co-Director of SheCanHeCan (left) with students and Kasey Robinson, co-director of SheCanHeCan (right). Credit: Anette Cook Photography