Flavourful summer: The ultimate guide to tasty and nutritious snacks

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, the moment when a snack magically appears and our willpower wavers. For those on a strict diet, it can be a real killer, derailing progress and leaving us feeling defeated. But here’s the good news: snacks don’t have to be the enemy.

When well-planned and chosen wisely, they can actually be a delightful addition to your daily diet, packed with both pleasure and healthiness to keep you energised throughout the day.

So, get ready to discover the perfect snack mix that will nourish your body, satiate your cravings, and help you stay on track to achieve your goals.


When it comes to satisfying and nutritious snacks, seasonal fruits take the crown. Bursting with flavour and brimming with essential nutrients, these nature’s delights are a guilt-free pleasure that keeps us refreshed throughout the summer.

Whether you’re enjoying a sun-soaked day at the beach or hustling through busy errands, these hydrating wonders are always at your fingertips. Think of succulent watermelon, sweet strawberries, juicy oranges and tangy pineapple. Not only are they low in calories, but they also offer a bounty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, K, manganese, or fibres.

Grab a handful of these colourful delights, and you’ll find yourself invigorated and ready to take on any adventure that comes your way. But remember, it’s important not to overindulge in fruits to maintain a balanced diet as they contain a lot of sugar (even if it’s natural sugar). Moderation is key to enjoying the best of what these delicious, nutritious treats have to offer.


Enter the unbeatable duo of vegetable sticks and dips. Colourful and crunchy veggie sticks, like carrot batons, bell pepper strips, and cucumber slices, team up with creamy, flavour-packed dips to create a snack that’s as wholesome as it is delicious.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or having a picnic in the park, this combo is sure to satisfy your cravings and keep you feeling fresh and energised. Plus, the fibre content in the vegetables will keep hunger at bay between your meals.

Dip options are endless, from classic hummus to zesty tzatziki, or even a creamy avocado-based dip. Not only do these veggie sticks provide essential vitamins and fibre, but the dips also add healthy fats and protein to keep you full and fuelled. So, grab your veggie sticks, dunk them into your favourite dip, and savour the goodness of this summer snack sensation.

Photo by Mor Shani, Unsplash


When it comes to quenching your thirst in a healthier way than sugary sodas, there’s a whole world of delightful and nourishing options to explore. Step away from those fizzy drinks and dive into the goodness of fresh smoothies and flavourful juices.

Blend up a tropical fruit smoothie with a mix of mangoes, pineapples, and bananas for a taste of paradise. If you prefer a green boost, try a refreshing spinach and cucumber smoothie with a splash of zesty lemon. Craving something more hydrating? Opt for a naturally sweet watermelon or cucumber-mint cooler.

The best part? These beverages are brimming with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a tasty and nutritious choice that your body will thank you for. So, swap out those sodas and sip on these revitalizing drinks that’ll keep you refreshed and feeling fantastic all summer long.


Indulge in the goodness of dairy treats that offer a burst of essential nutrients, perfect for any time of the day. Dive into a creamy pot of Greek yogurt adorned with mixed berries, delivering a protein-packed and antioxidant-rich delight that satisfies your cravings.

You could also elevate your snacking with a cottage cheese bowl topped with sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes, a delightful source of protein and vitamins. These dairy snacks effortlessly infuse your moments with nourishment, keeping you energised and resilient.


In the delightful world of summer snacking, vibrant choices nourish and invigorate. From refreshing fruits to veggie sticks with tempting dips, and revitalising drinks to creamy dairy delights, each bite and sip adds vitality to your days. Embrace these options as allies on your wellness journey, satisfying both taste and nourishment.


Tristan Boetti is a sports nutritionist. Through his company Performance & Bien-Être Monaco, he works with professional athletes as well as recreationally active individuals to help them achieve their goals through customised nutrition plans and expert advice.



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