France: New Origin’Info label will identify the sources of processed foods

The French government is in the midst of launching a new labelling system called Origin’Info that will give consumers a better idea of the sources and ingredients being used in popular processed food products.  

The Origin’Info logo is due to arrive on packaging this summer. Either in black or a dark blue, the label will identify the national origins of ingredients used in the production of a variety of processed foods, from frozen pizzas and flavoured yoghurts to ready meals and cereals. 

This information will be presented in three formats. The first will list the main agricultural ingredients’ countries of origins; the second will also designate the place of production, such as a factory in Germany, for example; and the third will provide a chart that breakdowns the relative share of each country’s contribution in the composition of the product. 

The second format of the Origin’Info labels that customers will begin seeing on processed food products in the coming weeks and months. Photo source:

The label may be presented as a QR code, an electronic label, or directly on the products, as well as on any online sites that sell the items in question. 

It will be initially a voluntary scheme – around 80 major producers of processed food items have agreed to sign up thus far – but a review is scheduled to take place in 2025, at which point the labelling system could be rolled out across the country. The list of the brands that will be implementing the new style of labelling can be found here

To read more about the Origin’Info label and how it will work, click here.

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Photo source: Naseem Buras, Unsplash