From Monaco to Brazil: New Song Qi restaurant opens in São Paulo

Just days after Riccardo Giraudi celebrated the launch of a new Beefbar in New York City, the Monaco-based restaurateur has announced that Song Qi, the Principality’s temple of Chinese gastronomy, now has a sister operation in the Brazilian capital of São Paulo.   

The new restaurant can be found right next to the city’s Beefbar in the vibrant Jardins neighbourhood, creating a mini-Monaco away from home.  

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São Paulo’s gastronomy scene is a melting pot of flavour and diversity, and Song Qi definitely fits in as one the city’s hottest new destinations.  

When asked about the location of the new restaurant, co-owner and former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa said, “It is home to some of the best restaurants in São Paulo. Nowadays, when people choose a restaurant, they are not just looking for food or drinks, they are looking for an experience, fun and entertainment, and that is exactly what we want to offer with Song Qi.” 

Massa and Giraudi were both present at the restaurant’s opening, alongside Dudu Massa, Ruly Vieira and Rodolfo Tamborrino, who were all involved in bringing the Beefbar brand to São Paulo.  

Song Qi’s original menu is being carefully reproduced in this new locale, with a wide variety of dishes that tell a story of “tradition, flavour and innovation” on offer.  

Patrons can expect to partake in delicious dim sum, wok specialities and the eatery’s famous Peking duck thanks to Chef Ad Yamashina and his team, who travelled to the Principality to train at the feet of Song Qi Monaco’s Executive Chef, Chai Chu Lee. 

Behind the bar is mixologist extraordinaire Ricardo Takahashi, known in the cocktail world as Japorês, who blends popular local drinks with favourites from the Monaco menu.  

The interior was designed by Monegasque design firm Humbert & Poyet, who have collaborated with Giraudi on numerous projects. The result of this partnership in São Paulo is beautiful: a tropical vibe meshes with elegant touches, such a handmade marble floor made up of 20,000 pieces of cut stone.  

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