Getting a taxi between Monaco and France to become easier

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A new system launched by the Monegasque government could spell an end to the confusion – and confrontations – between taxi drivers in France and Monaco.  

The sticker or vignette system devised by the government is set to be rolled out from 1st April. It will allow non-Monaco registered taxi drivers to legally pick up passengers from within the Principality’s borders. This is something that had previously been prohibited, causing countless issues for passengers and drivers on both sides of the border. 

Minister of State Pierre Dartout says that the new system will put the customer first, adding that it is “a matter of common sense”. 

“We hope that the implementation of this system will be accompanied by reciprocal measures on the part of the French authorities, in order to allow Monegasque taxis to pick up customers heading for the Principality, in particular from the airports of the Côte d’Azur,” he said. 

In total, 320 vignettes will be made available for drivers from outside of Monaco: 300 for VTCs – voiture de transport avec chauffeur or a passenger car with a driver – and a further 20 for taxis. Uber drivers, for example, will only be able to obtain a vignette if they hold a legal VTC license.  

According to Jean Castellini, Monaco’s Minister of Economy and Finance, the number of vignettes available for foreign-registered drivers is three times the number of vehicles with the same classifications that are based in Monaco.  

Each vignette costs €600 for the coming seven months. No plans for after this specific time period have been announced. 


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Photo source: Alias Ezzerrar for Unsplash