Ghizlan El Glaoui showcases ‘Once upon a woman’ at Prince’s Foundation headquarters

Painter Ghizlan El Glaoui has opened her exhibition titled ‘Once upon a woman’ at the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, where it will be on display until 30th June.

The inauguration took place symbolically on 8th March, International Women’s Day.

This collaboration between the artist and the Prince Albert Foundation is full of meaning, considering the Monegasque institution, through its commitment to advance planetary health, promotes many projects that support women. They include an initiative in Burkina Faso that trains and supports older women from different backgrounds in rural areas to facilitate access to sustainable energy for 250,000 people across 250 villages.

Similarly, the EGALES project (Gender Equality and Access to Electricity in Senegal) aims to sustainably improve the working conditions and income of 600 women by involving them in the agricultural activity of their country.

It is a strategy that remains at the heart of the Foundation in 2023, and it is why artist Ghizlan El Glaoui chose to exhibit her works at the institution. From now until 30th June, the public can see her remarkable female portraits, which include Geishas, Berber women, Frida Kahlo and Grace Kelly, as well as many anonymous faces.

Growing up in a culture where women were not encouraged to stand out, Ghizlan El Glaoui quickly expressed her desire for freedom by painting women with their faces uncovered, on luminous backgrounds, in classic format or on monumental sails.

After exhibiting in Marrakech, London, Madrid and Monaco, the painter will take pride of place at the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, highlighting the paths of women of yesterday and today, from here and elsewhere, and sharing the same values as Monegasque Institution.

‘Once upon a woman’ exhibition

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Until 30th June by appointment.



Interview: Artist Ghizlan El Glaoui


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