Handy grants available to residents of the Nice Metropolis

Are you thinking about buying an electric vehicle, converting your existing car to bioethanol fuel or swapping to a bicycle? Residents in the Nice area could be in line for some handy government subsidies.

The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis covers 51 communes from the four geographical areas of the city of Nice and its surrounding towns and villages, the Vésubie and Tinée valleys, and a portion of the Mercantour.

Residents across this area are being given equal access to a range of subsidies put in place by the local government. Applications are open until 30th June 2023, but some are more limited than others.

Those wishing to buy a new 100% electric vehicle can obtain a grant of up to 3,000€, means tested. For new 100% electric two-wheelers – or electric conversion kits for existing vehicles – a subsidy of 100€ to 400€ is available.

Highly-polluting vehicles – those with a Crit’air 4 or Crit’air 5 evaluation – that are scrapped in favour of an electric or hybrid option come with a grant of up to 1,000€ depending on income.

The installation of electrical charging stations in copropriétés is subject to a 25% of purchase price subsidy, capped at 300€ per point. 500 requests will be answered.

50% of the price of converting an existing vehicle to bioethanol fuel (up to the price cap of 300€) will be reimbursed for the first 1,000 requests received.

The government is offering a 50% subsidy up to the limit of 200€ for bicycles adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility, while standard bicycles come with a 50% grant up to 100€.

For further information on the scheme, please click here.



Photo source: Rishi Jhajharia for Unsplash