Mairie de Monaco confirms Georges Marsan’s replacement in light of corruption charges 

camille svara

Following weeks of silence regarding the mayor’s arrest and subsequent indictment on corruption charges, the Mairie de Monaco has announced that Camille Svara will be replacing Georges Marsan “for an indefinite period”.  

It is almost three weeks since news broke that Georges Marsan, Monaco’s mayor of 20 years who had been elected to office for an unprecedented sixth term in March 2023, had been among six individuals arrested on suspicion of corruption. He reportedly spent 48 hours in police custody between Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th December.  

On the day of his release, a statement made by the General Prosecutor of Monaco was published by the Monaco Matin that confirmed a judicial investigation has been opened “on counts of active corruption against a national public official, passive corruption by a national public official, active influence peddling and passive ‘illegal taking of interest’ by a national public official and criminal association”. 

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Marsan responded via his legal advisor Thomas Brezzo with comments that were similarly released by the French language newspaper:  

“My actions have always been for the benefit of [Monaco’s] citizens, and have always been motivated by the general interest and standing of the Principality of Monaco… I believe I am being subjected to abusive measures and real harassment. I confirm: I have never taken advantage of my position. I cannot wait for my innocence to be proven,” said Marsan through his lawyer. 


On Wednesday 3rd January, it was announced by the Mairie de Monaco that Camille Svara will be replacing Marsan. 

Svara has been a member of the Municipal Council since 2003 and has previously headed up the Department for Seniors and Social Action as well as the Médiathèque de Monaco. The 67-year-old, who is married with two children, has a Master’s degree in private law, a diploma from the Ecole Nationale des Impôts and is an Officier de l’Ordre de Saint-Charles, one of Monaco’s highest national honours. 

According to the Mairie, Svara has agreed to assume Marsan’s responsibilities at the head of Monaco’s Municipal Council “for an indefinite period”. 

“This provision allows all municipal services to continue their missions and thus guarantee the continuity of municipal public services,” concludes the statement. 


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Photo source: Mairie de Monaco