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Monaco drops curfew and restaurant restriction

Monaco drops curfew and restaurant restriction

By Cassandra Tanti - June 26, 2021

The curfew in Monaco has been lifted completely and restaurants will once again be able to welcome foreign customers under further easing of Covid restrictions.

According to a statement late Friday, Prince Albert has made the decision – effective Saturday 26th June – in light of the positive health situation in the Principality, and after consultation with the National Council as part of the Joint Monitoring Committee.

The government, however, has warned the population not to let its guard down, particularly now the Delta variant has been detected in Monaco and the neighbouring region of the Alpes-Maritimes.

“The contaminations of recent days have occurred almost exclusively during private gatherings, in the absence of respect for barrier gestures and between people who were not vaccinated,” said the government in a statement, renewing calls for as many people as possible to get vaccinated. From Monday, all public sector employees will be eligible for the jab.

No customer restrictions at restaurants and bars

With the rollout of Monaco’s Health Pass, and the EU equivalent, the government has also decided to lift the restrictions on foreign customers at restaurants and bars.

“In order to guarantee maximum health security in the Principality, people wishing to go to a restaurant must have a health pass or any equivalent document allowing them to verify their vaccination status, their result of a negative test or their certificate of recovery,” says the government.

This measure does not apply to Monaco citizens or residents, employees of the Principality, or residents of the Alpes-Maritimes and Imperia. However, proof of residence must be shown.

Night clubs remain closed, for now

There has been no date set yet for the reopening of night clubs, which have been closed since the pandemic began in March 2020, however, “The Prince’s Government will initiate consultation with operators to consider the conditions for reopening,” according to the statement.



How to get your Monaco ‘Health pass’



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