Monaco eases some more Covid rules

Students will no longer be made to wear masks outdoors or during indoor sports under the government’s latest relaxation of Covid measures. 

After a meeting with the National Council in the Joint Covid Monitoring Committee on Wednesday, the government late Friday made an announcement on the latest round of measures that will be eased in light of the positive health situation in the Principality.

In addition to dropping the mask requirement for school students, from Monday 28th February, staff in sectors that provide “essential services to the population” are no longer required to present a health pass to turn up to work.

Food and drinks can once again be consumed at venues like cinemas and stadiums, and standing cocktails and cloak services are allowed to resume.

Combat and contact sports can also go ahead again.

From Saturday 5th March, teleworking three days a week will no longer be obligatory, but is still recommended, while from 7th March, masks will not be required during all indoor sports.

The latest moves by the government fall short of what is being asked for by the National Council, which earlier on Friday had publicly called for the scrapping of the health pass in the Principality and mandatory masks inside classrooms.



National Council calls for further easing of Covid measures



Photo by Nii Shu on Unsplash