Monaco National Council Elections: One party holds all the power

monaco national council elections

It was a clean sweep for the Union Nationale Monégasque over the weekend, with National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès and her party winning all 24 seats. 

The election results give the Union Nationale Monégasque a solid mandate for the next five years, with each and every party member in the running achieving a dominant lead over their counterparts in the Nouvelle Idées pour Monaco party.

Leader Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, who is the first woman in the history of the Principality to hold the position of president of the National Council, Monaco’s version of a parliament, garnered 3,002 votes for herself. In comparison, Daniel Boeri, who heads up the Nouvelle Idées pour Monaco party and is a mainstay on the Principality’s political scene, got just 731. Once all ballots were in and counted, Nouvelle Idées pour Monaco had managed to scrape just 10% of votes.  

The most popular politician on Sunday 5th February was the Union Nationale Monégasque‘s Nathalie Amoratti Blanc, who currently holds the title of President for the Commission of the Rights of Women and the Family. She took home 3,164 votes.  

Overall, voter turnout was relatively low at 57.26%. Of the nearly 8,000 registered voters in Monaco – these are almost all Monegasque citizens born in or to parents of the Principality – just 4,348 showed up to cast their vote.  

The municipal elections will take place on Sunday 19th March. The Principality’s long-serving mayor, Georges Marsan, is hoping to clinch a historical sixth term. Most recently in 2019, he ran unopposed for the role.  


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Photo: National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès, source National Council