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Monaco to welcome Yannick Alleno this May

Monaco to welcome Yannick Alleno this May

By Cassandra Tanti - May 10, 2021

The highly anticipated arrival of Chef Yannick Alleno, holder of nine Michelin stars, has been set for 19th May when he officially swings open the doors of Monaco’s newest restaurant in the heart of the Hermitage Hotel.

With close to a dozen Michelin stars under his chef’s hat, Yannick Alleno is a veritable Rockstar of the gastronomy world, and his presence at the Hermitage Hotel is a major coup for the Principality.

The restaurant is called ‘Yannick Alléno at the Hermitage Hotel’ and it is billed by SBM as a lively, vibrant restaurant with a home away from home vibe. In the chef’s own words, it is “fine dining without the formality” and “serious food that doesn’t take itself too seriously”.

The restaurant is located in the former Vistamar premises and boasts the same jaw-dropping terrace and views over Monaco and the Mediterranean.

But the real magic comes in Spring 2022, when ‘Yannick Alléno at the Hermitage Hotel’ evolves into the Pavyllon, complete with a brand-new interior by Alléno’s longstanding associate Chahan Minassian to reflect the chef’s iconic trademark style.

Without revealing too much ahead of the opening, the website points to a “hearty yet beautifully balanced menu, showing exquisite attention to detail. It is inspired by the colours and flavours of the South of France: aubergine caviar, barbecued European lobster, and candied rhubarb are guaranteed to please.”

Yannick Alléno is a member of the exclusive circle of the greatest chefs in the world, holding two restaurants with three Michelin stars – Alléno Paris in the Pavillon Ledoyen and Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc in Courcheval, as well as achieving numerous other stars throughout his career.

Unashamedly, he has a very visionary approach to the culinary arts, blending knowledge and excellence with audacity, and is commonly known as the ‘Leader of Modern Cuisine’. He experiments endlessly in order to find the purest, most quintessential flavours and constantly pushes the boundaries with his curiosity and talent.

Monaco Life is thrilled to be invited to the exclusive pre-opening of ‘Yannick Alléno at the Hermitage Hotel’ on 18th May, so stay tuned for our sneak peak into Monaco’s exciting new gastronomic hotspot.



Leader of ‘Modern Cuisine’ to head Monaco restaurant

Interview: Leader of ‘Modern Cuisine’ Yannick Alléno


Photo of Chef Yannick Alleno at the Hermitage Hotel by Monaco Life



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