Monaco’s Committee for Women’s Rights reflects on a year of action and progress

Monaco’s Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights has given a progress report on all of its impactful initiatives in 2023 and ambitious goals for the year ahead.

In the latest assembly of Monaco’s Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights on Thursday 25thJanuary, the fifth annual activity report was unveiled, delineating the extensive work undertaken in 2023. The plenary meeting, led by Isabelle Berro-Amadei, the Minister of External Relations and Cooperation, was attended by representatives from various Monégasque institutions, judicial services, state services, and associations committed to women’s rights.

Isabelle Berro-Amadei, in her opening remarks, poignantly stated, “In a world in pain, scarred by conflicts, health, and climate crises, women are increasingly victims of violence and discrimination. It’s our duty, more than ever, to remain vigilant.” She emphasised the critical need for continued vigilance and proactive measures. The international cooperation and Monaco’s diplomatic efforts in global forums advocating for women’s rights were particularly accentuated.

A year of action

2023 was a year marked by a strong focus on youth and education. Notable initiatives included two targeted campaigns: the 8th March event, which explored women and sports through the lens of the younger generation, and the 25th November campaign aimed at raising awareness about online violence against women and girls. Additionally, significant strides were made in professional training, with 99 professionals educated on handling domestic violence and 167 state employees and agents trained in sexism in the workplace.

A landmark achievement in 2023 was the legislative advancement in combating violence against women. This included the enactment of a law regarding compensation for victims of sexual violence, crimes against children, domestic violence, and other personal offences. Monaco also integrated into the ‘App-elles,’ a personal safety application, further bolstering its commitment to women’s safety.

Céline Cottalorda, the Interministerial Delegate for Women’s Rights, remarked, “Targeting the younger generation is a necessity if we want to evolve mindsets.” She also acknowledged the path ahead, saying, “Our cause requires patience and a lot of collective goodwill.”

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Another year of reaching goals

Looking ahead to 2024, the Committee plans to continue its efforts in youth sensitisation, amplify professional training against sexism and violence, and foster collaborative actions.

Isabelle Berro-Amadeï concluded the session by expressing gratitude to all committee members and stakeholders for their dedication, saying, “Thank you to everyone involved for your unwavering commitment and mobilisation.”

The Committee’s next significant event is scheduled for 8th March, marking the International Day of Women’s Rights, which will convene all active participants at the Léo Ferré space for a day of reflection and commitment.

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Photo credit: Direction de la communication government