Monte-Carlo SBM to launch Dubai restaurant concept amid global expansion

SBM D.ream

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has revealed that it will be teaming up with global restaurant creator D.ream to launch a brand-new Riviera inspired restaurant brand in international hotspots such as Dubai, Miami and London.  

In late March, Stéphane Valeri, the President-Delegate of Monte-Carlo Socété des Bains de Mer (SBM), headed to Dubai to meet with Ferit F. Sahenk, the Chairman and CEO of the Doğuş Group, the parent company to D.ream, and sign a formal agreement on the exciting new co-venture.  

The strategic new partnership represents a new stage in SBM’s ambitions to take its high-end approach to hospitality global, coming on the back of the already public news that the multi-faceted Monaco company has purchased a five-star hotel in the luxury French skiing resort of Courchevel, with the intentions of renovating the property and adding a new page to the history of its portfolio.

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D.ream, the restaurant arm of the Doğuş Group (Duş Restaurant Entertainment and Management), is the company behind more than 80 restaurants in 15 countries worldwide. Many are names that will be recognisable to Monaco’s population, such as Coya and Amazónico, the latter of which recently opened on the rooftop of the Café de Paris.  

The new concept will take inspiration from the Riviera and from Monaco’s 160 years of culinary expertise, likely featuring the very best of the produce from this part of the Mediterranean.  

“This agreement signifies a further step towards the international expansion of our group, aiming to reach our clientele globally. With D.ream International’s expertise in establishing and optimising high-potential brand restaurants, we anticipate progressively positioning SBM in luxury hotspots worldwide, including Dubai, Miami and London,” said Stéphane Valeri.  

Ferit F. Sahenk has also expressed his enthusiasm for the promising collaboration, saying, “We are delighted with this partnership, which will create a new brand that elevates the values and strengths of Monte-Carlo, aligning with our vision of innovating luxury dining for the next generation. This venture allows us to proudly contribute to the international prominence of the Principality of Monaco.” 

The partnership looks set to create a new model for luxury dining that encompasses the quality, immersive experiences and level of service on which SBM prides itself. 

“We aim to bring the art of Monte-Carlo living beyond its borders, enhancing the Principality’s allure as a partner of SBM,” added Sahenk, pointing to the existing success of Coya and Amazónico in the Principality as a foundation for this new endeavour. 


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Photo credit: Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer