NEW PODCAST: The story behind ‘Michael, Intimacy Behind Speed’ by Vanessa von Zitzewitz


As her photographs were being hung on the walls of Sotheby’s Gallery Monaco, Vanessa von Zitzewitz spoke to Monaco Life about the extraordinary discovery that lead to this exhibition, ‘Michael, Intimacy Behind Speed’, and what it was like to shoot the legendary Formula One driver in days when few restrictions were imposed on photographers.

‘Michael, Intimacy Behind Speed’ by Vanessa von Titzewitz, is on show at Sotheby’s Monaco Gallery throughout Monaco Grand Prix weekend, from 25th May to 23rd June.


Photo: Vanessa von Titzewitz, Jean Todt and Louise Grether at Sotheby’s Monaco Gallery. Photo courtesy Vanessa von Titzewitz.



Interview: Photographer Vanessa von Zitzewitz on her new exhibition ‘Michael, Intimacy Behind Speed’