Over 60 cars seized during Top Marques for causing public disturbances 

Despite warnings from the police and public authorities, 64 vehicles were impounded due to various offenses committed by their wayward owners during the recent Top Marques event. 

Monaco’s police gave fair warning against drivers’ potentially anti-social behaviour ahead of the Top Marques, which features luxury cars, boats, motorbikes, aircraft and high-end products, with a heavy focus on supercars and futuristic design.  

The event, which took place from 7th to 11th June at the Grimaldi Forum, was held mere weeks after the Monaco Grand Prix. Both had come with the same stern notice from the government that alerted people that public disturbances, such as over-revving engines, racing noisily through streets and other car and noise-related nuisances by over-enthusiastic car owners, would not be tolerated.  

But there will always be those who test the limits of patience. This year, 64 of them wound up with their vehicles impounded by the police for 120 hours at a specially equipped lock up in Fontvieille. Some also received a stiff fine of up to several hundred euros on top of that too.  

“We are not here to financially bludgeon people, but to make sure that we confiscate the vehicle with which they are disturbing the tranquillity of inhabitants,” said Fabien Vachetta, Deputy Head of the Events and Society at Monaco’s Police Department. “We tell them: You are passionate about cars and supercars, we understand, but you must accept that people need to sleep, rest and live in the Principality without being disturbed by engine noise.”  

Among the cars seized were Mercedes, Ferraris and even a Renault Clio, showing that supercar fans come in all shapes, sizes and budgets.  


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Photo source: Monaco Communications Department