Parking increase on hold

The government is suspending a controversial rise in fees for owners who leave their cars stationary in public car parks for more than a month at a time, amid claims the move goes against Monaco’s green vision.
It was announced on Friday that, as part of its annual price review, the Public Parking Service would be increasing the monthly fee for ‘day and night’ subscribers by €60 a month for owners who have not moved their vehicles for a month or more.
According to the government, close to 400 “suction cup” vehicles fell into this category in January 2021 and the number is rising.
The €60 increase would bring the total monthly fee in line with that which is charged for ‘reserved place’ parking.
The news brought immediate backlash on social media, with car owners questioning the government’s price increase amid its encouragement for residents to use soft mobility and public transport.
And on Monday, the Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning Marie-Pierre Gramaglia did a backflip, saying the increase will be suspended amid further analysis.
“Using a car all the time may not be the only option for getting around, but ‘suction cup’ cars in public parking lots are not a solution either,” said the minister. “To move forward on this, I have decided to reassess all aspects of the increase with the Public Parking Service, in particular with an even more detailed analysis of these ‘suction cups’ and direct sensitisation of resident subscribers. I hope that a constructive dialogue can take place.”
Photo by Jordan Graff on Unsplash