Prince tests positive for new coronavirus

The Palace has revealed that Prince Albert II of Monaco has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus but says that his health “raises no concern”.
The Palace confirmed in a statement on Thursday afternoon that Monaco’s Head of State had contracted the novel coronavirus, but his situation was stable. “The Sovereign Prince is being looked after by his attending physician and specialists from the CHPG,” said the Palace.
The Prince is continuing his duties from the office of his home and is in permanent contact with the members of his staff, government and close collaborators.
The Palace took the opportunity to remind citizens of the absolute necessity to adhere to strict quarantine measures requested earlier this week by the Prince.
“The Prince is asking the population to respect the confinement measures and to limit contact with other people,” said the Palace. “Only in respecting those rules of lockdown will we be able to stop the coronavirus from spreading.”
The Prince’s Palace says it will continue to provide regular updates on the health of the Prince.
It follows the announcement that Monaco’s Minister of State Serge Telle has also tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It was revealed on Monday 16th March that Mr Telle had become the 9th positive case of Covid-19 in the Principality. His health is also no reason for concern.
Prince Albert, aged 62, is now the 11th confirmed case of Covid-19 in the Principality.