Princess Charlene visits new mothers at CHPG

Princess Charlene continues her whirlwind of official duties, this time visiting new mothers at Princess Grace Hospital, bearing gifts and spreading smiles.

Who doesn’t love a newborn baby? It’s hard to resist those tiny little bundles wrapped tight in fresh blankets with sleepy eyes and rosebud mouths.

It was clear on Monday that Princess Charlene is not immune to the charms of a newborn as well, as she took time to visit the new parents at Prince Grace Hospital Centre, spending time with Monaco’s newest residents.

The Princess, who traditionally visits the local maternity ward in late May for Mother’s Day, was unable to do so then as she tested positive for Covid, but she made up for it in spades, coming laden with flowers, chocolates and other goodies. The gifts, which were prepared in conjunction with the Red Cross Monaco, who also organises the event and whom the Princess is vice president of, may have been later than normal, but were no less appreciated.

Frédéric Platini, Secretary General of the hospital, Dr Mathieu Liberatore, member of the Board of Directors and Guillaume Benoist, Deputy Head of Department, accompanied the Princess on her rounds.

In the end, the relaxed and smiling Charlene, who was dressed in a chic and sporty black and white dress, visited five rooms, creating a special moment for these new families.

Last week, Princess Charlene attended her Foundation’s Water Safety Day event, welcoming 40 children for a day of rescue training workshops and lifesaving courses. 



Princess back in action at Water Safety Day


Photo Eric Mathon/Prince’s Palace