Princess Stephanie’s rescue elephant ‘Baby’ dies aged 56

Baby, the elephant rescued from euthanasia by Princess Stephanie a decade ago, has died suddenly, it was announced on Thursday.

Baby and Nepal were two elephants that were welcomed by Princess Stéphanie at the Fonbonne estate in Peille, Alpes Maritimes, 10 years ago on 12th June 2013.

The Baby et Népal association announced on its social networks on Thursday that Baby had passed away “suddenly” at Mont Agel.

It follows the passing of Nepal, who died on 29th April 2018 following chronic kidney failure aged 53.

The elephants were rescued from Cirque Pinder in September 2010 when blood tests wrongly concluded that they had tuberculosis. Zoo officials removed them from the public and – aged 42 and 43 – they were set to be euthanised.

But animal lover and circus advocate Princess Stephanie of Monaco took them in on the Grimaldi’s property of Fonbonne, at the top of Mont Agel.

Over the years, Princess Stephanie developed an extraordinary affection for the elephants.

It is no doubt that the princess, together with the association that she founded, are mourning the lost of Baby, who died at the age of 56.

“The whole team of the Baby and Nepal association is extremely sad to announce the sudden death of Baby,” said the association in its social media post. “After having spent a beautiful retirement at the Fontbonne area, Baby and Nepal rest in peace.”


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Photo source: Baby et Nepal association



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