Schedule: ‘Waste Reduction Week’ to focus on packaging

Monaco showcases its environmental commitment during the European Week for Waste Reduction with a range of initiatives, including a mobile app, public educational events, and community-driven recycling and waste reduction efforts, emphasising sustainable resource management.

Monaco steps into the forefront of environmental consciousness with its 5th annual participation in the ‘European Week for Waste Reduction’ (EWWR), or ‘Semaine Européenne de la Réduction des Déchets’ (SERD) in French. Aligning with the National Day celebrations, the Principality’s initiatives from 21st to 26th November will showcase a commitment to sustainable resource management and waste reduction. This year’s theme, ‘Packaging’, echoes under the fitting slogan ‘Don’t get wrapped up!’ highlighting the urgent need to rethink our packaging habits.

The 2023 edition of SERD in Monaco, organised by the Directorate of the Environment, focuses on combating the 5.6 million tonnes of household packaging waste generated in France in 2022. The Principality, under the stewardship of the Government of Monaco, has been actively pursuing the ban of single-use plastics since 2021, aligning with European standards and promoting reusable containers, including the implementation of MaConsigne.

Embracing eco-friendly initiatives

As part of Monaco’s commitment to sustainability, the Directorate of the Environment and the Inter-ministerial Delegation for Digital Transition have developed a mobile app for SERD 2023, featuring an interactive map of Monaco that highlights various sustainable actions throughout the week. You can access the website of the app here:ème/

Meanwhile, a Glasses Collection initiative has been set up at the Fontvieille Shopping Centre, running from 13th to 26th November. Here, residents are encouraged to donate old eyeglasses, which will be passed on to the Monaco-based association ‘Semeurs d’Espoir’ for those in need. At the same location, an art exhibition is scheduled for the weekend of 25th November, that will display artworks made from recycled materials, highlighting the creative potential of sustainable practices.

On 22nd November, from 9am to 12pm, a ‘Public Awareness Stand’ at Place d’Armes will offer insights into waste reduction and alternatives to plastic, showcasing the efforts of Monaco’s eco-conscious shops and restaurants. That same day, from 3pm to 5pm, a family-friendly ‘Treasure Hunt for Packaging’ will be organised, aiming to educate on recycling and waste minimization.

La Mairie de Monaco is contributing to these efforts with a ‘Book Collection’ at La Condamine Market from 21st to 24th November to support the new communal libraries at Princesse Antoinette Park. They are also showcasing sustainable food practices by offering ‘Zero Waste’ meals at the municipal restaurant and ‘A Pignata’ on 23rd November.

In the corporate sector, Monaco is seeing a flurry of activity. The Columbus Hotel Monte-Carlo is hosting a ‘Furoshiki’ zero-waste wrapping workshop on 22nd November, while the Agri Food & Green Tech Innovation Expo at the Hôtel Le Méridien Beach Plaza is set for 23rd November.

Other notable initiatives include SBM Offshore’s ‘Collect & Change’ campaign, running from 18th to 26th November, aimed at replacing plastic with sustainable alternatives, and Grant Thornton Monaco’s installation of water fountains in their offices from 21st to 24th November to reduce plastic bottle usage. Monaco Telecom and CFM Indosuez are conducting collections for textiles, linens, shoes, and toys for recycling or donation, which are scheduled from 18th to 26th November.

These diverse initiatives reflect Monaco’s comprehensive approach towards sustainability, integrating public participation, corporate responsibility, and educational activities to reinforce its commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Photo by Monaco Life